NeoMax Offers Efficient Crown & Bridge Removal

By Dental Product Shopper

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Microcopy’s NeoMax Metal Crown Cutters, Max 1 and 2, can easily cut through non-precious metals, allowing for a quick, safe, and atraumatic workflow


Dory Stutman, DDS, AAACD, FICOI, has been in practice since 1991, so it’s not a stretch to estimate that during that time he has used hundreds of burs. But quality, performance, and reliability matter greatly, and in hisneomax 1 2
experience, many higher-priced burs simply can’t match his experience with 
Microcopy’s NeoMax Metal Crown Cutters—part of the manufacturer’s NeoBurr product line.

“There are certain procedures in dentistry dreaded by most, and removing old crowns and bridges happens to be one of them,” explained Dr. Stutman, whose practice is South Shore Dental Care in Massapequa Park, NY. “Those made with hard, non-precious metal are especially difficult to cut through, which means the underlying tooth is at risk for damage. Our goal is always to remove these restorations in an efficient, atraumatic manner.”

Quick-Cutting on Metal, Amalgam

Microcopy’s NeoMax Metal Crown Cutters are designed to cut amalgam and both semi-precious and non-precious metal. Available in two sizes—Max 1 and Max 2—the strong and durable burs are designed with a single piece of tungsten carbide for rapid cutting performance. “The Max 1 and the Max 2 are really multipurpose in my practice,” Dr. Stutman explained. “I use them for operative dentistry—such as taking care of regular routine fillings and removal of existing crown and bridges—but mainly on porcelain-fused-to-metal,” he continued.


Smooth, Exact Margins

Gamma sterilized and individually packaged and labeled for safety and convenience, the Max 1 and the Max 2 both feature blade angulations and a teeth geometry specifically engineered for highly efficient cutting and minimal clogging. The blade tips allow for smooth, exact margins with minimal gingival abrasion. The Max 1 has a 1.9-mm head length and the Max 2 has a 1.2-mm head length. Both burs feature a friction grip shank.


“They’re very efficient at easily and effortlessly cutting through existing porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns,” Dr. Stutman pointed out. “I would also add that they make my life easier because I only need to use one bur to cut through multiple crowns—I don’t have to keep switching out burs because these stay sharp and efficient for multiple uses.”



 “In my experience, I’ve never had one of these burs break, and they’re cutting through some very, very hard metal.”

- Dory Stutman, DDS, AAACD, FICOI



Efficient Cutting

“In my experience, I’ve never had one of these burs break, and they’re cutting through some very, very hard metal,” he added. “They cut very efficiently through non-precious metals and they’re good for cutting more delicate channels through the crown. That’s what I like about them,” he continued.


A pioneer in single-patient use burs, Microcopy continues its 30-year-long tradition of offering strong, well-performing burs for dental clinicians.


“For the money, they are a very good value. These days, dentists can spend anywhere between $7 to $10 per bur, and these are significantly less, and I think they’re just as good,” Dr. Stutman added. “I have used many different burs—I’ve even used $10 burs—but have found that these more expensive burs are not any sharper or stronger than NeoMax cutters.”


case in point max 1 and max 2 cut like butter