New Products


NeoDiamond Spirals

Microcopy’s NeoDiamond Spiral burs are designed with spiral, diamond-free channels that direct water flow and debris removal for increased cutting effciency. Adding six more spiralshapes to the six you already know and love.


NeoDiamond IPR Strips

Microcopy’s NeoDiamond® IPR Strips are used manually to polish, contour, and shine interproximal areas of composite restorations and for interproximal reduction of enamel. 


X-Class NeoDiamonds

The NEW NeoDiamond X-Class is Microcopy’s line of 10 Xtra course diamond burs. These are the overachievers in rapid and bulk reduction. Perhaps your new go-to burs for crown and bridge prep and crown removal? 


Z-Class NeoDiamonds

The NEW Z-Class NeoDiamond line offers uniquely designed burs with zirconia cutting and adjusting in mind.  Make zirconia frustration a thing of the past!