New Products



This new precise, easy to use interproximal marker ­— Proxi-Chek from Microcopy, clearly marks the point of contact and eliminates guesswork when fitting a crown. It’s unique easy-grip handle reaches all areas of the mouth. Also for the posterior, it can bend 90° to allow maximum visibility when marking while placing the crown. The thin double-sided 19-micron film, provides tactile feeback for the proximal fit. It leaves a black mark through friction just on the point of contact. This exact mark saves time when making adjustments, eliminating the guess and check practice, and risk of over adjusting the crown.

Proxi-Chek will mark all types of crowns, such as zirconia, porcelain, lithium disilicate, and metal. For best practice, dry both the crown and tooth surface before marking. Economically priced for single-patient-use, this the tool is convenient and safe. Packaged 45 per pack. This tool will improve your speed when fitting a crown.


Minnow Polisher

Announcing the NEW Minnow “Go-Anywhere” polishers! Perfectly suited for single-patient-use, Minnows provide just the right fit when accessing pits, fissures and tooth anatomy that other, larger polishers just can’t reach. Their small size provides an efficient and economical answer for finishing off all classes of restorations using today’s nanocomposites. The simple polishing system gives you a choice between a 1-step polishing for finishing off posterior restorations and 2-step polishing to bring anteriors to a high luster shine. Minnow will not crumble and break off with use.