"Saves time when fitting prosthesis by simplifying adjustments."

Parag Kachalia DDS
San Ramon / 10/20/2018

"Proxi-Chek is a nice handy tool to have when doing a large bridge to find a specifi occlusion error. Also nice when checking occlusion on partials."

Marie Albano DDS
Lakewood, OH / 11/20/2018

"Very simple and elegant product to locate tight contact areas. Not messyy like sprays and more accurate than using floss."

Philip Rader DDS
Hixson, TN / 11/20/2018

"Simple, accurate, easy and efficient method to check and adjust interproximal contacts prior to seating an indirect restoration."

Jeff Bilotti
Jacksonville, FL / 11/20/2018

"NeoDiamond products are one of the best rotary products on the market."

Ana Suarez
Yonkers, NY / 8/9/2018

"Love the new flame surgery burs! Saves bone for future implant. Perfect marriage of price and quality to not feel bad tossing an inefficient bur and grabbing a NEW one!"

Danna Brockingston, DDS
Acworth, GA / 1-19-2018

“Wonderful product that is reasonably priced.”

Stan Heiner DDS
Modesto, CA / 10/11/2017

"Gazelle — disc is wonderful for cervical edges."

Terrance Criswell, DDS
Marblehead, MA

"Bite-Chek — great product, we are sold. Plus the product is latex free."

Florence Kraft
Wausau, WI

"NeoDiamond — The shape is perfect for ceramic crowns"

David Klekamp DDS
Denver, CO

"NeoBurr — awesome bur, doesn’t break!"

Laura Braswell DDS
Atlanta, GA

"Gazelle — great product."

George Ludwig DDS
Metuchen NJ

"NeoDiamond, combining excellent cutting ability with reasonable price makes this a can’t lose situation."

Carla Schlüssel DS
Metuchen NJ

"Bite-Chek, we love them, thank you."

Steven Banks DDS
Amarillo, TX

"NeoDiamond is the best prep diamonds by far for crown preparation."

Don Gage DDS
Sedona AZ / 5/15/2017

"Minnow— hardly little polishers. People seam satisfied with the surface polish delivered by them. Simple to use."

Robert Marley DDS
Flora IL / 02-10-2017

"NeoBurr, great bur — dosen’t vibrate the handpiece which helps keep the turbines good."

Andrew Stewart DDS
Sun Lakes, AZ / 2-10-2017

"Minnow is cost effective and easier to use."

Andrew Stewart DDS
Fredricksburg PA / 1-12-2017

"We are very pleased with Gazelle! We will be ordering in the future."

Mary Irving DDS
Wichita, KS / 8/3/2016

"With Gazelle, our patients actually could feel a difference on their teeth."

Steven H Kigawa DDS FAGD
Los Angeles, CA / 8/3/2016

"Happy with NeoDiamond, good quality product at reasonable cost with good selection of shapes and grits."

John Licking DDS
Sunnyvale, CA / 8/3/2016

"Bite-Chek is so simple-wish I had thought of it!"

Gary G. Lott DDS
Alva, OK / 8/3/2016

"Bite-Chek reaches posterior and anterior. Great for occlusal guards."

Shellie Reagan DDS
Spring, TX / 8/3/2016
"Minnows are able to get into places a lot of other instruments can’t get into. They have, for lack of a better term, anatomically correct instrumentation, which is a really big help. When I’m using the polishers near the gum line or in between teeth I can get the job done."
Hugh Flax DDS, AACD
Atlanta, GA / 8-1-2016

"They hold up even under pressure. And they just give you this really high sheen without a lot of effort."

Ron Kaminer DDS
Hewlett, NY / 8-15-2016

"The 5572 blended neck bur is on average 50% stronger than the conpetitive lines. That's reason enough to try this bur in your practice"

Marty Jablow DMD
Woodbridge, NJ / 2-1-2016

"Best bur I've seen in a long time."

John Comisi DDS
Ithaca, NY / 5-18-2016

"No breakage — WOW!"

Laura Braswell DDS
Atlanta, GA / 5-18-2016

"I highly recommend NeoDiamond burs for its quality and its reasonable price."

Vicenta Claudio DDS
San Jose, CA / 10-22-2015

"Now that I've switched to CrownKing Burrs for my preps, I have no desire to use diamonds again!"

Hudson Family Dental
Owatonna, MN / 10-22-2015

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Gazelle Nano Composite Polisher

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