Recommended NeoDiamond Shapes for Crown & Bridge Preps

Highest Rated Zirconia Cutter

Rated as best cutting and lowest cost for Zirconia crown removal by an independent research test of 14 competitive burs. Select grit ensures smooth, efficient performance.


Chamfer Preparations
Chamfers are the preferred preparation for Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) crowns. Restorative material brands include Captek®, In-Ceram® and Wol-Ceram.®


Modified Chamfer Preparations
Modified Chamfers are the preferred preparation for CAD/CAM alumina based crowns. Restorative material brands include Procera® and Sirona Cerec inLab®.


Shoulder Preparations
Shoulders are the preferred preparation for full porcelain crowns. A flat-end taper diamond creates a shoulder with a sharp internal angle. This finish line can be modified to a chamfer or bevel, or refined with end-cutting diamonds.


Modified Shoulder Preparations
Modified shoulders, with a rounded internal angle, are the preferred preparations for the following types of full coverage crowns and bridges:

1)    Pressable ceramic (IPS Eris®,  IPS Empress®, OPC®, Finesse,® All-Ceramic®, Authentic®).
2)    Zirconia-based (Cercon®, Lava®, Everst®,  DCS Smart Fit®).
3)    Fiber-reinforced or composite-based  (Belleglass HP®, Sculpture/FibreKor®, ArtGlass®, Targis/Vectris®).


Recommended Shapes for Today's Popular Esthetic Procedures.

Veneer Preparations

Prepare and finish repeatable, predictable esthetic laminate veneers. Using selected NeoDiamond shapes, clinicians are provided an excellent method of consistently following fundamental preparation protocols for adequate space and proper marginal placement for quality restorations.


Cerec® Preparations
Produce simple, consistent tooth preparations that conform to specific guidelines of the Cerec CAD/CAM system, using selected NeoDiamond shapes. Create proper anatomical occlusal morphology—essential for excellent Cerec restorations using selected finishing shapes.


Excellent, Economical Finishing Diamonds
Smooth the surface of composite, glass ionomer and porcelain restorations. Extremely uniform coating of 30 micron grit allows smooth cutting, without vibration or damage to composites, glass ionomers or porcelain. Use with minimal pressure, adequate water and consistent wiping motion.



Crown Removal