Microcopy Dental: A One-Stop Shop for Safety, Versatility, and Quality

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Pre-sterilized, disposable burs guarantee a fresh cut every time, with no risk of cross-contamination

Burs and polishers in Microcopy's expansive product portfolio are also DPS Best Products thanks to their high quality, versatility, and single-patient-use design


What does it take to be a good dentist? Scratch that, what does it take to be a damn good dentist?

Arguably, the most important step is to make sure you have the right tools in hand to set yourself up for success. For the past few decades, Microcopy has been on a mission to do just that, manufacturing high-quality and reliable burs and polishers that countless dentists depend on day in and day out—whether it’s during a preparation, crown adjustment, or final polishing.


NeoDiamond: A Bur to Be Reckoned With

Over the years, virtually every bur and polisher in Microcopy's portfolio, including the 30-year-young NeoDiamond, has been deemed a DPS Best Product by multiple teams of Damn Good Dentists. “I have been using NeoDiamond burs for so long that I have been able to forget how the diamond particles used to fly off the 'Brand X' burs as I was using them,” joked Dr. Sylvia Irwin.


NeoDiamond single-patient-use burs are gamma-sterilized and individually wrapped to minimize contamination. The burs also have 20% more diamond exposure and cut with smooth and sharp margins. “When I use the NeoDiamond brand, I know that I will be able to complete my entire crown prep, and possibly several others if it is a multiunit case, with just one bur,” shared Dr. Irwin



“I have been using NeoDiamond burs for so long that I have been able to forget how the diamond particles used to fly off the 'Brand X' burs as I was using them.”  

- Syliva Irwin, DMD; Nutley, NJ



Unbeatable Strength

While some dental professionals remain skeptical that a bur designed for a single use will be as strong and durable as its multiuse counterpart, that hasn’t been a concern for Dr. Irwin.


“When I use NeoDiamond, I don’t see the diamond particles flying off the bur. The tip of the bur remains sharp and the diamond encrusted throughout,” she noted. “With other brands, this is frequently not the case, and it is sometimes difficult to prepare even one crown with a single bur.”

This has proved to Dr. Irwin that the cutting ends of other manufacturers’ burs just don’t work as well as NeoDiamond. Their diamond particles are often depleted before the preparation is complete, which makes creating crown margins difficult.

“NeoDiamonds remain intact and sharp throughout the procedure, so the patient does not experience the discomfort that results from the use of a dull bur,” shared Dr. Irwin. “It also saves me time and money.”

During crown procedures, Dr. Irwin also enjoys using Micro-copy’s Proxi-Chek, a double-sided interproximal articulation film, to check if the proximal contacts of the crown are too tight. It is easy to use, economical, and a great timesaver, according to Dr. Irwin.

“Proxi-Chek provides a very clear and clean indication of where the crown contact is too tight, enabling reduction of only the area of the contact that is binding,” said Dr. Irwin.


NeoBurr 5572 — Unparalleled Strength

Featuring proprietary blended-neck technology, Microcopy’s NeoBurr 5572 provides a fast, smooth, chatter-free experience. Reinforced for strength, its single-piece construction eliminates the weld point of a traditional bur neck, which is typically the weakest part of the bur.

Dr. Bradley Dykstra used to feel the familiar frustration when his burs would suddenly break at the neck. This has become a problem of the past since he switched to NeoBurr 5572. “I know these burs are dependable and I do not have to worry about them breaking,” he shared.

Dr. Chester Klos agreed and said that in the past, he experienced “breakage of the cutting end from the shank." Microcopy solved this problem “by creating a product that is one material, eliminating the weld joint, which was the weak link," he added.

During third-party testing, the 5772 carbide was shown to be up to 70% stronger than competing burs, even when it comes into contact with restorative materials like metal. One dentist, Dr. Albert Clark, was so curious as to how much pressure the NeoBurr 5572 could withstand that he purposely attempted to break one with excessive force and torque. His experiment proved that the bur is highly durable. “The cut is smoother and requires less pressure than other burs we are using," he said.


A Simple Way to Keep Patients Safe

At a time when patients are more closely examining the instruments and materials used during treatment, relying on single-patient-use burs and polishers is a simple way to show patients that their safety is your top priority.


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