Crisis averted thanks to NeoDiamond

It’s Thursday afternoon, and ALL dental professionals know what that means. A mere three hours stand between you and your precious weekend. This particular day, three hours and an extremely difficult procedure stood in my way. I had to remove a 3 unit zirconia bridge promptly without damaging the remaining tooth structures.

I’m very fortunate in that my practice is located just down the street from Microcopy Dental. My hygienist mentioned that she had read a blog from Microcopy just days before regarding the NeoDiamond Zirconia Cutter 1116.8M. A diamond made exclusively for cutting through zirconia? Um…yes, please.

One of my employees ran down to Microcopy to get one of these burs for the procedure. Microcopy was, as always, generous enough to give me one of these highest rated NeoDiamonds to try.

The procedure went so much smoother than I ever imagined. I cut the bridge off in record time without any damage to the existing teeth. If you’re looking for a solution to cutting zirconia without all the hassle, the NeoDiamond 1116.8m is fantastic!