Applying Microcopy’s NeoBurr 557 in your practice

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Technical Brief

This new blended neck design is described as the new definition of strength.

You see it all too often. You’re in the middle of a complex restorative case and your 557 carbide bur breaks. It’s common and it happens all the time. Well, now you can put that frustration aside by using the new 5572 carbide bur from Microcopy. The
5572 easily lives up to its reputation of being the strongest carbide bur on the market today.

Unparalleled strength: Reinforced for strength with a new blended-neck design and coupled with single-piece construction, the 5572 eliminates the weakest point on the bur – the neck. Many of the more popular competitive burs are 2-piece construction, thereby, causing a weak point where the head of the bur is welded to the shaft. The 5572 is composed of a single piece of tungsten carbide and the cutting blades are blended right into the shaft of the bur, thus, eliminating the weak point. No weak point means you are assured of the break resistant carbide that you’ve wished for through all of those interrupted procedures. Third-Party Competitive Survey: A third-party blind comparative study of this new 5572 bur against three of the top competitive burs showed the performance of the blended-neck bur to be far superior. As the chart below illustrates, the blended-neck 557 is up to 71% stronger. With strength like that, the 5572 is sure to be the tool of choice for even the most demanding restorative cases. Performance Guarantee: If you’re frustrated with burs that break and interrupt your procedures, you’re sure to make breakage a thing of the past with the new 5572. Request a sample from Microcopy, try it in your practice. We’re sure you’ll love it. Then upgrade to the best carbide on the market.

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