Infection Control Made Simple

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Why are endodontic instruments re-used? In a nutshell... to save costs. Material costs are indeed reduced by re-using endodontic instruments. If, however, the costs for single use instruments are compared to the additional costs arising from re-use, such as costs for instrument reprocessing, sterile storage and keeping proper records, the anticipated saving shrinks to a minimum that bears no relation to the possible drawbacks of multiple instrument use.

Current discussions are focussing more and more on the topic of multiple-use. Looking at the mandatory quality management and the extended infection control requirements for dental practices, it can be assumed that this subject will gain even more importance in the near future and that the re-use of endodontic instruments will be questioned even more critically.

The aim of this brochure is to discuss the pros and cons of instrument re-processing and re-use and to help the dentist in making a decision. This brochure is based on German and European statutory and formal requirements for infection control and quality management in a dental practice.

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