NeoShine Polishers

Every patient wants their crown to sparkle and shine like a diamond. But, sometimes, it can take a little work to smooth out the rough edges of a restoration and create a smooth, glossy surface that matches the rest of their smile. Microcopy’s NeoShine polishers might just be the perfect solution, especially if you ask Dr. Joshua Howard. Using NeoShine, he said, “The ability to get a mirror-like polish on a milled zirconia restoration without glaze is an instant game changer.”

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Superior Shine 

With ease of use and convenience in mind, Microcopy developed NeoShine, a sterile, single-use, two-step polishing system for composite and zirconia. NeoShine comes in a set of mini cups and points designed to remove striations left by diamond burs and produce a high-gloss, shiny surface. 

After trying NeoShine during a DPS product re-view, Dr. Dory Stutman determined, “The shape and flexibility of the NeoShine cup made final polishing of restorations a breeze!” 

For Dr. Michael LaMarche, the final shine achieved with NeoShine was “excellent,” and Dr. Howard added, “NeoShine polishers are so much better and faster than any other polishing systems. Simply the best zirconia polishers I have ever tried.”


Convenient Two Step Process

Polishing with NeoShine is a simple two-step process with no need for precleaning or polishing paste. Attached to a slow speed handpiece, the Step 1 mini cup or point removes striations and scratches left by the diamond during adjustment, and the Step 2 cup or point produces a glossy, shiny surface. 

“NeoShine was able to provide a mirror-like gloss to the zirconia surface in about 2 minutes and using only 2 polishers. Amazing!” Dr. Howard revealed. 

“The two-step sterile delivery system is clearly labeled, and the packages are easily opened chairside with a simple tear,” shared John Horn, DMD.


Intuitive Design

The NeoShine polishers feature a color ID system that allows the clinician to quickly identify the right polisher for the right surface, and the Step 1 and Step 2 polishers are different colors to make the process even easier. 

The miniature size of the NeoShine polishers enables the clinician to access hard-to-reach areas and thoroughly polish the final restoration. This was a feature that was greatly appreciated by Krista Kappus, DDS, who called NeoShine the “perfect size for accessing all aspects of the crown, including deeper grooves and anatomy.”

Each NeoShine polisher is pre-sterilized and individually packaged. “Being disposable is advanta-geous for both time savings in sterilization as well as infection control,” said Dr. Karyn Halpern. “This prod-uct gets my highest rating because of its simplicity of use, sterile packaging that clearly identifies the steps, and ability to deliver the promised results,” concluded Dr. Horn.