Diamond Burs Direct Water Flow, Whisk Away Debris

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In his almost 4 decades of practicing dentistry, Mark S. Offenback, DDS, has seen a good number of burs come and go-—and he’s certain it’s only the best that survive the constantly changing and highly competitive world of the dental marketplace. While he’s tried dozens of burs in his Longwood, FL, practice over the years, the general dentist places Microcopy burs at the top of his list for efficiency and durability.

“I am a private practice clinician and I’ve been toiling behind handpieces for 39 years now,” he shared. “The Microcopy burs make my job easier and they seem to always be the correct shape for my needs. In fact, I believe my handpiece almost seems to be in ‘automatic’ mode when I use these high quality burs because their concentricity and smooth cutting qualities seem to glide my handpiece into the ideal preparation.”

Whisks Away Debris

For Dr. Offenback and many general dentists who share a similar workflow every day, Microcopy’s burs just got even better with the introduction of NeoSpiral diamond burs, the company’s latest addition to its NeoDiamond product line. NeoSpiralis an economical, single-patient-use diamond bur. The superior hardness and longevity of the diamonds offer exceptional cutting performance and precise, crisp margins. The superior cutting performance of NeoSpiral offers benefits for both sides of the dental chair: a significant increase to workflow efficiency while less chair time for patients. Along with great cutting performance, NeoSpiral diamonds are designed with unique cooling spiral channels that direct water flow and debris, a feature that maximizes efficiency and one that Dr. Offenback finds particularly helpful in his crown and bridge workflow.

“I recently had the privilege of trying out these NeoSpiral burs in my setups and my assistants all know they are my favorites!” Dr. Offenback said. “It makes logical sense that the spiral channels whisk away water and debris. They seem to act as a tread on a quality car tire, channeling water away from the working surfaces.” Packaged in boxes of 25, NeoSpiral burs feature a 1.8-mm head and a 1.4-mm tip, and are offered in 5 round-end taper shapes and 1 football shape, all in a coarse grit.

“I have used NeoSpiral diamond burs for dozens of preps for my crown and bridge work,” Dr. Offenback shared. “I strive to make every prep an ‘A’ prep, and I critique myself as if I was still in dental school!”

High-Quality Standards

As with the rest of Microcopy’s NeoDiamond burs, NeoSpiral features a Swiss-made XactFit shank that ensures integrity and adheres to the strictest shank diameter tolerance in the industry, paving the way for precise, crisp margins and predictable performance.

“Their smooth, rapid cut allows for a shorter prep time, which reduces patient fatigue,” Dr. Offenback shared. “Their smoothness in cutting reduces mental tension for my patients because they experience less vibratory stress. Yet, even though they are smooth, they are also efficient, reducing enamel and dentin bulk with exceptional cutting efficacy. The spiral channels do not seem to get clogged with debris.”

Always Fresh, Always Sharp

Following in the footsteps of Microcopy’s award-winning distinction for being the leading manufacturer of single-patient-use diamond burs in the dental industry, NeoSpiral burs are also gamma-sterilized and individually wrapped and packaged in a clear poly packet for easy identification and convenience. The single-patient-use feature ensures a fresh, clean, and fast cut every time for enhanced workflow efficiency; eliminates cross-contamination and hygienic concerns for patients and staff; and trades the time dental staff devote to autoclaving for increased workflow efficiency and better patient care.

“Single-patient-use burs are always ready, always sharp, and always prevent cross-contamination—just grab a new one and keep on going!” Dr. Offenback added. “These burs seem to instill confidence, and I’ve found that with their smoothness and cutting efficacy, my patients are pleased that a once-traumatic visit has been reduced to only a few minutes.”