NeoDiamond X-Class

Perhaps your new go-to bur for crown and bridge prep and removal, the new NeoDiamond X-Class burs are ready to hustle right out of the package.


Perfectionist. Hustler. Genius. Prodigy. No matter how you slice it, no one likes an overachiever, especially one who takes joy in putting others to shame. But when it comes to burs, most dentists would agree that there’s no shame in a job well done. Plus, it would be hard to hate on NeoDiamond X-Class, a new line of 10 extra-coarse diamond burs designed for rapid and bulk reduction of tooth structure and restorative materials.  

Ideal for crown and bridge prep and removal, as well as gross tooth material removal, these overachieving 213μ diamonds are bonded to a cut-to-grit shank and marked with 2 black bands that easily differentiate them from their coarse-grit counterparts. The shapes included in the  X-Class lineup are comprised of Microcopy’s most popular NeoDiamonds—egg, wheel, football, pear, modified flat end taper, occlusal reduction, flat end taper, round end cylinder, and round end taper. 


Like all NeoDiamond burs, generation X-Class is packed with the high-quality craftmanship ex­pected from Microcopy products, including: 


  • 20% more diamond exposure paired with Advanced Triton bonding technology for superior hardness and longevity 

  • Swiss-made XactFit shank that uses heat-treated stainless-steel for a secure fit in the handpiece with no “walking out” 

  • Individually wrapped in a clear poly packet and gamma sterilized—making it easy to go single-patient-use for your practice and your patients

Besides the obvious perk of eliminating cross-contamination, using a fresh bur for every proce­dure has other benefits, too, in­cluding the time and cost savings of not needing to clean, sterilize, and sort multiuse burs, as well as a faster cut and decreased chance of overheating the tooth. 


And, while clogged diamonds require more pressure and time to cut through tooth structure and restorative materials, fresh dia­monds don’t, which helps extend the life of your go-to handpieces.


Take a Look at the X-Class Lineup

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